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Thread: Attacks On P2p Going To Far

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    Attacks On P2p Going To Far

    Check this link out.

    Giving private industry the ability to act as a police agency against american citizens? With what appears to be few limits to their powers? I am going to look into this further because this is completely ridiculous.

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    It's been mentioned before, I suggest everyone call their House Representatives to voice their opinion. To find out who your Rep is visit http://www.congress.org/
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    What I don't get is how the bill can exist when there is already legislation in place to prevent computer crime such as virii, malicious hacking, DoS and such. It doesn't quite make sense to me, but who knows, it is congress after all.

    A little off topic, I know that there is the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and the DMCA but what other laws are already on the books regarding computers?
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    From what I've read its starting to lose steam. Or at least the part of letting them hack at will. Virginia Rep. Rick Boucher has spoken out against given the RIAA these rights. I hope other follow his lead.

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    It apears to me that it is an on going condition of " MINE IS BIGGER THAN YOURS"..... and the tec industry reaps the rewards. Truly an .... US and THEM situation. They Thwart us... We thwart them..... Technology marches on!

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