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Thread: A Hacker Story...

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    A Hacker Story...

    I found this on google,


    I think that every newbie should read the entire story, It apears to be a real story.

    I myself am a newbie, and I once thought the same things that many newbies think, that hacking is cool, and all. I learned otherwise,

    A big thank you to everyone who has ever flamed me, I had also been baned from a BBS. Day by day I am becomeing mature. And reading this story was a major influence on my future.

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    I too am learning something the hard way...

    When I was younger, I was commiting what in the Canadian Criminal Code is known as sec 264. (B) Theft Of Telecommunications Services...

    In 1998 I was unable to pay for web services, but was aware of a friends method to obtain access to a local high schools account. Believing it was an unlimited account, I used it for several months. Later, the account went basic plan, with only 10hr/month and 2$+hr. 8 of us were using this account and we racked up quite a bill (7000+) within a few months. The high school called the police and made a complaint. What we didn't know was that the school had a dedicated line which logged numbers. One by one the police called them. I was investigated, charged and all. Thankfully, one of those numbers belonged to a principal of another school. The schoolboard decided to drop the charges if we all payed our part of the sum (937$ each) to protect the principal.

    Now today, I am trying to get onto a police force. I was recently rejected by the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police), was that a factor? I don't know. I will be calling them this coming week to ask what I can improve. Either way, if it did or not, it is something shameful to admit...

    The worst part of it was when the recruiter asked had I been investigated by the police at any time and I had to tell him yes, theft of tele.... and then he looked up at me and asked: "So you're a hacker?" I was labelled...

    Hope this little tale speaks volumes for many. Hope many can learn from my mistake as well as the one linked above.


    I have learnt from my mistake and hope; (a) to help others from making the same mistake, (b) use what I know to make myself a valuable person against actions like this and other computer crimes.

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