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    Arrow Dewie the turtle???

    Check out the latest in high tech security.
    His name is Dewie the turtle,and it is meant to encourage children and parents to use decent passwords and firewalls.I guess it's a good idea,but lets be honest here.A fire wall is no good if you don't know how to properly configure it.(Not a project I'd let my second grade child take on).As for the passwords it's a good idea for children to be educated about what a good password is,but I hope this thing warns parents to know what their children's passwords are in case they forget them,because that could be disaster in the making for a person that doesn't regularly back up their files and their kid locks out everything he can with gigantic passwords.Besides could you get any more cheezy than Dewie the turtle?Kids now grow up with quake and Dragon Ball Z.They don't want Dewie the turtle.They want Sargeant A-Bomb the gun toting mercenary.Anyway here's the link.


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    Dewie is certainly going to attract the attention of younger kids. But I feel that the older ones that will require the knowledge aren't going to be interested in Dewie, they may actually be turned off by him.

    The idea of Dewie is a good thing, but having half truths or half information can be just as dangerous as having no information. It leads to a false sense of security.

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    Hey kids! It's Petey the Don't Jam a Fork in your Eye Tortoise! He's Rad to the Max and is bringing the message of dinnertime safety to a table near you!

    Give me a break already......
    \"Now it\'s time to erase the story of our bogus fate. Our history as it\'s portrayed is just a recipe for hate!\"
    -Bad Religion

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