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Thread: Jp God, just aggrivating, or not?

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    Jp God, just aggrivating, or not?

    Welp got baned from the Irc but i will be back you can count on that, people pull the carot out of your a now its not life and death, im 16 and if i had my choice i would not have aohell either, but trust me i will be back, lol i will totaly laugh if i get banned permanately, that would suck but if i do then oh well who cares.... if i did i wouldnt be smarting off to JP but yeah man seriously pull the carot out of your a, if it has been jammed from you sitting on it too long then well.. get help for that... but you leave me no choice now to do this, and a few other things, i will try not to be good any more because quite frankly it is fun being bad, and well the chat gods except for Liran have problems antichat and Jp well i dont know about those two.... but they are annoying to the point of aggrivation, ban aolians haha try again, brad well havent heard him or seen him say a word so he is cool. But people from Aol that are wondering why your not able to join the Irc thank me :> devious bastard i am and i am sorry about you people that have to suffer Jps wrath because of me, so i think i will get one of two things happen to me. One i will get flamed to death. or. Two people will agree with me which i doubt but never know,

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    Dude, AO IRC is about the most easy-going enviroment you could hope to be in, unless you are looking for trouble. I don't have a clue as to what happened to you in IRC, and I really don't care. I will say, however, that you appear to have a promising career in the septic tank cleaning business in front of you, as this thread shows that you can put a lot of effort into stirring up **** needlessly. Do us all a favor and have your mommy and daddy enroll you in a nice military academy where they will teach you some manners and endow you with a measure of maturity. Have a nice life!!
    It isn't paranoia when you KNOW they're out to get you...

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    So you get banned from the AntiOnline IRC Channel, and you decide to come back into the website to start ranting. Any IRC site I have ever been on usually resets the ban list every 48 hours, and if all these complaints about the IRC Server going down is true, I'm sure they don't back up who is ban'd. I just don't see why you would want to go and get banned from the website because you were temporarily kicked from the IRC channel. Argh, I'll never understand people.

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