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Thread: Earthlink Digital Music Service.

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    Red face Earthlink Digital Music Service.

    Well, I decided to give the free trial a go, 3 days or 50 tracks free, so what happened? It took me 3 days to find 5 Mp3's I wanted. This service has no new music, and maybe 4 - 5 tracks available per CD, and the songs are not even the hot tracks, they are pretty much the worse tracks on the CD's. I can honestly say I don't think this pay per use p2p thing is going to work. Like I said, the only reason I even tried it was because it was free, and I pretty much got what I paid for. Nothing for Nothing.... . I thought I would just give you a heads up on the service.

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    I also just found out that you can not burn these audio tracks to CD, and that if you cancel your membership you no longer have the license to play these files.

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    Wow, the way you describe it, that sounds really sucky... Thanks for the heads up.
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