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Thread: I Had Sex w/ an AO member!

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    I Had Sex w/ an AO member!

    you all know you good friend JC, he paid for me to visit him... Just thought I'd share... Paid for my flight, hotel, food, drinks, and gave me spending money just for a little bit of pleasure. Thank you honey! Anyone else wanna treat me like that? I could get used to it real fast.

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    You may have thought that by posting what may or may not be BS you are somehow hurting JC and or AO... But all you did IMHO is show the rest of us that you are either:
    A. a liar who will say what ever she thinks will shock and demoralize.
    B. A whore... Notice I didn't say slut... I said whore because if what you say is true (which I doubt) then that my dear is what you are...
    I would suggest that you avoid the police because unless you live in VEgas and work in a licensed brothel then you are guilty of prostitution... I just bet your Mom and Dad are real damn proud of you
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    lol. Hey i'm just glad there's someone in the world thats sadder than me. Its good to know :-)

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    you know were all going to be so sad to see you go!

    (i was really hoping for something more from that phyco!)
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    I saw this thread and looked at the picture of her in her profile plus her roll call, and her signature. Even if she didn't do what she said to that individual, I wouldn't doubt she has done that with someone in her past. She kinda looks like a E-Head, and a slutty e-head at that, and from the ones I knew from my freinds, they'd do anything with anyone for their e-fix.

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    I knew it! JC paid me to thex him up good =]

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