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    Exclamation Setteling ht

    well it seems that my chronic aholeness has brought me to the point of almost being banned from the site haha oh well i guess i will try to be good and leave the already broken gates of hell return to normal... But my question is If a where is a what and a what can be some times called a who and the whos and the whats are nothing close to the same and if this is true then where's and whos are always differnt then how the hell can they even be related?

    Welp i have pissed the gods of and this may be considered a redemption form of sorts take my pleed and shoot it to hell if you want but i got so many -AP's its not funny i saw my posts suicide not and i just started laughing, but anywho, people are way to literal no fun, cant joke, my brother was like that then he got laid...(this is not aiming at anyone) but i feel bad i got all of aol banned from irc, (

    Oh well i will live no matter what happens to me my repention of this sin i have commited of the highest bar of treason could only be subject to change if haha... no not that im not getting nailed to a damn cross and if you think i will then ban me.... but i am assuming that every one hates hell raising. so i will try to be good, but bad feels so much better no?

    Im German\Irish i have one of the worst attitudes some one could have ever been given that right their is genetic, i am a good boy till i get mad or get really really bored then i will start picking fights with people.... i love a fight but people wont fight with me people please think of this

    "Your empire has fallen, your cities crushed with just one word, your power slowly begins to fade, you have lost every thing, your old age has made you volitile to weekness, i will leave you with this and you must pick one and only one my wisdome or money to bebuild. The wisdom may land you some where, or you can get even fatter and die off of selfishness oh well bye bye people

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    just cool your ass kid, nobody hates ya. i can relate to your genetic plight. im half polish and half scottish, so i save everything then forget what i do with it. but i do love to fight, maybe we'll meet sometime and beat some sense into each other.
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    Pssh, blaming your temperment on your ethnic ancestry isn't a very responsible way of going through life, is it? Time heals most wounds, and time also promoted maturity. You can find some at your local anywhere.

    I'd suggest lying low rather than some sort of "Sorry" or "Ahahah I don't care" threads.
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    Hell, Shadow, I'm Italian and Irish. Who could ask for a worse combination? One half enjoys a good fight or an argument, but the other half always wants to surrender.

    German/Irish, Italian/Irish, Polish/Scottish, I think makes us Americans. Ethnicity is a cop out. Like Terr said, just cool your jets. You'll be okay.

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    Youre all lucky, Im just Irish.

    Anyway rant closed.

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