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Thread: hello ppl

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    hello ppl

    ive just installed kaZaA 2 help me down load music i know i shouldnt ask but is it ok 2 use or should i uninstall it your help would b very good just now as im lost!!!!!!.doesnt seem 2 want 2 let me copy 2 cd

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    Was there a question in there??

    PS hey look, my 100th post!!!
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    erm...Kazaa doesn't copy to CD...or am I missing something?

    Kazaa is fine to use as long as you aren't stealing, right?

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    Most of the time you have to burn to the hard-drive first rather than rip it from one CD directly into another.

    P.S. Kazaa is a kiddie playground. You better scan your PC after downloading from a site like that.

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    Kazaa currently has legal action pending against them. They are legal for now, but watch the news to make sure you know when they go down.
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