Say this to your self out loud...
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Thread: Say this to your self out loud...

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    Say this to your self out loud...

    I am we todd it.
    I am sofa king we todd it.

    Somebody told me this one some time ago. I know that it's not a Techie joke, but I thought I'd share anyway. Have a good day!
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    I once had someone repeat that like 20 times...still didn't get it I nearly pooped myself laughing....
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    A bit old, but still good i suppose, if the person doesnt get it. What ya have to do is write it, and have them read it...over...and over...and over. That does get amusing. Kinda like, the 'how to keep someone busy' card that says 'flips this card over to find out' on both sides.
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    Lol. That was someones Name on my MSN contact list. At first I didn't get it... then I read it alound, and a friend was over and he was like "What? Your so what?" lol Then I got it...

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