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Thread: Hackers Know The......

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    Hackers Know The......

    I am discussing with my mom about Antionline.com and its punchline "Hackers Know The Weaknesses In Your System. Shouldn't You?.

    The sentence sounds great but people have misconception about it. They have the opinion that this is the right place to learn hacking. But the sentence should be interpreted like this.

    Let us break the sentence into two.

    1. Hackers Know The Weaknesses In Your System.

    Hackers with malicious thought know the weaknesses in a computer system. They have a pretty idea of what could be possible loopholes and what makes a hacking easy.

    2. Shouldn't You?

    Why dont you keep your system secure from the attacks and penetrations. And... this site gives you an idea how to make a system secure from malicious activities.

    I conveyed this to my mom. She suggested me to put this in forum for suggestions.

    Suggestions please.


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    It must be the mums around the world. Mine discussed that with me too....

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    I don't know Raghav. The line seems to be clear to me. It makes a distinction between the good and the bad. Also, it really says what the site is about. I guess I could see where it would be a little confusing if I had no clue about security, but other than that, it really seems fine.
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    I tmakes perfect sense to me as well. When I first came to this site I knew it was a security site.

    I think the reason that some think it is a hacking site is because on a internet search for hacking AO shows up on the list returned. If you come here with a misconception of what the site does, you won't bother to change that until told or banned.

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    Well, sadly, metatags give people the opinion that it is a hacking site where you learn to hack. I think that sentence inforces the fact it is a Security site. When I came here as well, I knew it was a security site anyways. But, when you search google or yahoo for hacking, this site comes up, so people assume it is for Hacking.

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    The fact is that the frontier between hacking and security is very weak. It's nearly the same knowledge. And a lot of hacking sites use the term of security (with the famous: "for education purpose only") to protect them from justice.
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    Yeah, also generally when you say a Computer Security site these days, most people figure Hacking. I read an article somewhere saying that very few of Security websites these day's don't offer some kind of Hacking tutorial or tool. Most security site's also tend to have sort of an "Underground" feel to it (i.e Astalavista). I like AntiOnline because it is the best security site I have been to that Doesn't have that "feel" to it, IMHO.

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    people are tending to forget that "Hackers and hacking" does not equate to malicious activity, there are hackers with malicious minds and malicious minds who are not hackers. Hackers and hacking is all about knowledge expansion not malicious computer, telephony, or networking activity.
    The media has hyped these terms to be of a criminal or malicious nature, lets not feed the media please !
    If you do a little research it is easy to find the origins of the terms and what they actually mean, so lets do that so as not to contribute to the already millions of misused terminology out there i the IT jungle !

    yours sincerely

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    Thank you Geepod, i think soo many of us forget that there is a misconception about hackers and what they do. Mabey if we all keep making this clear to people, they will eventually catch on.... well, one can hope right? Its not the tool, or even the information that causes the problems, it's the people who controll it.
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    Ok, hacking and security are the same knowledge. but now the same use. To secure your system you need to be up with the latest on how hackers infiltrate. You do not necessarily need to know how they infiltrate. But you need to know where what programs and patch the programs or use a firewall (preferablly hardware) to take care of the issue.

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    lets not forget that.
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