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Thread: The Verdict of Truth

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    Well, I was talking to some of my AntiOnline friend's in an AOL chatroom about the most recent "Banee", JCHostingAdmin. While we were talking, they brought up that he was a former member named "JRoc". Then, a few of them started saying how JCHostingAdmin wasn't JRoc and some said that he was. So I decided to see for myself, because since my friends were talking about it, I figured I'd research it up myself so I can have an opinion. Sure enough, and really quickly, I came to This bit of information . So, you can decide for yourself, but I got my decision. Btw, I was told this had become an issue (somewhat an issue) that Senior members were talking about, so here's your proof.

    Btw, click the little thing so you can read his post. Also, I was just told that Senior Members already knew he was JRoc anyways, but this "shoves the dog in the car" so to speak.

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    yeah yeah yeah... he's been banned already... you wasted your time

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