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    Just a question Why do we have a Wargames Forum when there are no wargames here and there has neve been a post there ?
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    I think it's being planned for the future.
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    The forum has been put in place for when (and if) there ever will be. JP has been a little busy trying to make this site the best site, with most features and so for the users. As well as putting in the money to create and maintain a dedicated computer for wargames.

    Hope that answers the question. It'll come, just have patience.

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    Speaking of the wargame... will we all have a choice on how the wargame will be set up? Or will this be strictly from JP's imagination? When I mean "how it will be set up", I'm not saying that we should suggest "questions" for JP to put up for us to hack/crack/bypass/whatever, but maybe a "Wargame Suggestion" forum? ...meh? meh? ...maybe?

    For instance, maybe this wargame could differentiate from other wargames, and actually help you through the wargame (maybe using more than three "helps" won't put your name up on the "AO hall of fame" or whatnot). Wargames are supposed to show where you are at computing, and this site is supposed to help you improve, why not mix the two?

    Just my two cents... I could care less what thread this is in...considering it's 1:10am.
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