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Thread: JC/JRoc is banned!

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    JC/JRoc is banned!

    (My favorite parts in bold)

    [03:16] <JP> JCHostingAdmin is a royal ****ing pain in my ass too
    [03:16] <JC[away]> the hell I do?
    [03:17] <rioter> haha
    [03:17] <Jan> xmaddness : haha u know the anthem
    [03:17] *** Rewandythal (Extreme_Fu@anti-28521BA2.snake.dialup.pol.co.uk) Quit (Ping timeout)
    [03:17] <rioter> i sense another bannin
    [03:17] <xmad-football> you know me
    [03:17] <JP> yup
    [03:17] <JP> you do
    [03:17] <Liran> stop... drop.... shut em down open up shop!
    [03:17] <JC[away]> Why am I banned?
    [03:17] <Ennis> DMX
    [03:17] <Deb{away_football}> w00000t
    [03:17] <Liran> ohhhhh noooooo thats how ruff ryders rool
    [03:17] <JP> cuz you're a pain in my ass
    [03:17] <Jan> ennis> YES!!!!!! VERY GOOD!!!
    [03:17] <rioter> haha
    [03:17] <rioter> jan just made a new friend
    [03:17] *** MicroBurn (Administra@296B7DD3.5CDB734F.75C590C5.IP) has joined #GeneralChitChat
    [03:17] <Deb{away_football}> that's what the Jags are doing to the Jets
    [03:17] <Deb{away_football}> lol
    [03:17] <JP> I do NOT need to be dealing with ****ing copyright infringement issues
    [03:17] <MicroBurn> Hey.
    [03:17] <JC[away]> JP> I'm sorry bro
    [03:18] <Liran> ??
    [03:18] <MsMittens> ??
    [03:18] <Jan> bro?
    [03:18] <Deb{away_football}> LOL
    [03:18] <rioter> bro?
    [03:18] * souleman notices that people STILL don't read his copywrite tutorial
    [03:18] <Liran> oh.... the tutorials
    [03:18] <er0k> more like big papa
    [03:18] <Jan> this isnt compton we dont need to be calling each other dawg and bro and ma nigga
    [03:18] <rioter> quiet my ho
    [03:18] <souleman> yet biatch about it when they get busted for it
    [03:18] <xmad-football> o right ma nigga
    [03:18] <rioter> souleman
    [03:18] <Deb{away_football}> ROFL rioter
    [03:18] <rioter> negative closed a thread with a link to it today
    [03:18] <Liran> i say bro damnit
    [03:18] <Liran> !
    [03:19] <JP> I mean, I don't know what the hell you're thinking
    [03:19] *** Rewandythal (Extreme_Fu@anti-C963FFF.rhino.dialup.pol.co.uk) has joined #GeneralChitChat
    [03:19] <er0k> jan >> i say bro all the time y0
    [03:19] <JP> even when the copyright holder writes you himself
    [03:19] <JP> you tell HIM that it wasn't HIS material
    [03:19] <rioter> rofl
    [03:19] <JP> i mean, wtf is wrong with your head?
    [03:19] <xmad-football> =\
    [03:19] <Deb{away_football}> LOL
    [03:19] <xmad-football> lol
    [03:19] <Deb{away_football}> that is...interesting
    [03:19] <Jan> i told u liran
    [03:19] <JC[away]> JP> I'm sorry man, I made a mistake
    [03:19] <souleman> WTF? I missed that one
    [03:19] <Liran> Jan: told me what?
    [03:19] <rioter> key word is a
    [03:19] <Jan> that he stole those tuts
    [03:19] <JP> no, that's not a mistake
    [03:19] <xmad-football> JC, so this is true?
    [03:19] <rioter> more than one meens
    [03:19] <Deb{away_football}> a MISTAKE?! that's what you call that?!
    [03:19] <JP> that's just blatant *******ness
    [03:19] <rioter> i made lots of mistakes
    [03:19] <Liran> Jan: i know, i checked into it but i didnt jump to conclusions
    [03:20] <JP> I do NOT need to get sued
    [03:20] <rioter> Liran
    [03:20] <JP> cuz you're an immature little dick wag
    [03:20] <JP> wad
    [03:20] <rioter> see now if i hadnt done that
    [03:20] <Jan> wag sounds cool too
    [03:20] <rioter> JP
    [03:20] <rioter> omg
    [03:20] <rioter> your spelling
    [03:20] <rioter> is worse than mine these days
    [03:20] <JC[away]> Uhh, JP, most of the tutorials on their are copies and now that you see ONE, you ban me?
    [03:20] <JP> no
    [03:20] <JP> you ****ing lie about it
    [03:20] <JP> even to the god damn copyright holder himself
    [03:20] <JP> when he mails you
    [03:20] <JP> i mean, what the ****
    [03:20] <xmad-football> JC, you are the weakest link...................
    [03:21] <JC[away]> No, me and him worked it out and he realized the mistake..
    [03:21] <JC[away]> he even emailed me..
    [03:21] <JP> no
    [03:21] <JP> you're the mistake

    [03:21] <Rewandythal> JC[away]: most of the tutorials on there are copies?
    [03:21] <rioter> what mistake
    [03:21] <Rewandythal> I have written most of the tutorials on there
    [03:21] <rioter> you copied and pasted
    [03:21] <Rewandythal> So i don't think they're copies
    [03:21] <Rewandythal> 'Mate'
    [03:21] <Liran> i wrote my tutorial
    [03:21] <rioter> i wrote my 2
    [03:21] <xmad-football> i wrote all mine
    [03:21] <JC[away]> Rew> I didn't say you..
    [03:21] <Liran> the 1 i have up hehe
    [03:21] <rioter> you can tell by the spelling
    [03:21] <Liran> rioter: same w. me
    [03:22] <Rewandythal> JC[away]: you said most
    [03:22] <er0k> jc >> erm i wrote all three of my tuts
    [03:22] <Rewandythal>
    [03:22] <xmad-football> the 7 i wrote are all completely original
    [03:22] <rioter> lol
    [03:22] * MsMittens always writes her own tutorials with references..
    [03:22] <JC[away]> JP> He emailed me saying that I made a misunderstanding..
    [03:22] <Jan> my tutorial sucked.... thats how everyone knew it was mine
    [03:22] <rioter> haha
    [03:22] *** AntiChat sets mode: +b *!*@*.summit01.nj.comcast.net
    [03:22] *** JC[away] was kicked by AntiChat (banned: Sorry, you're on the list of people that should have been swallowed...)

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