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Thread: Songs are not playing well with games

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    Songs are not playing well with games

    I am using a P4 1.7Ghz computer with 128mb ram, and it should be enough fast to play songs and games like MotoGP together, but it is not working well. What could be the possible causes and remedies for the problem..
    vanni narang

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    More RAM, yeah yeah, RAM. . .I dunno, are you running the game from the disc or the music? What is the cdrom speed?
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    Yeah, RAM could be the answer...but it could be video card related too, especially if your video is built into your motherboard. A good video card will take a lot of pressure off of your processor AND your RAM. Without a bit more info about the system, it's kind of hard to determine exactly where the bottleneck is.
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    Allenb1963 has a good point.

    On board chips that replace cards pull much out of a system. If your video is onboard, your total ram will NOT be 128, but rather 128 - what is shared for the video (in your case, probably 16 or 32) bumping you down to either 112 or 96. Making quite a different on system resource. Another thing could be the sound chip. If it's also on board, it won't give much compared to card audio. Like the video, it'll suck your resources for buffering sound and so. A chip audio can also get confused on what to buffer and when. Giving the chip too many inputs to buffer and play will exaust the chip and you won't get what you want.

    Exactly what is "under the hood"?

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    try also changing the audio driver make the game use direct sound and the music (mp3s im guessing) use the sound card drivers
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    Most windows based PCs I've seen use cards like soundblaster. A pentium 4...windows 98 and above should run most games. If your running windows XP you may need to use the compatability wizard cause winXP sux for older games.

    You should be able to check the games folder and it should have a file which lets you change settings to the video and sound cards.

    Why don't you just turn the music off? It'll increase perfomance slightly, if at all. & you won't have distractions while playing

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    Most of the games I play have their own soundtrack and playing music on top of it usually causes the music to come out weird... I would suggest turning off teh games sound... That has helped me...
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    What is the problem? Stuttering? Refusal to play at all? Does it only happen with certain games? Are the games' own CD audio disabled? (Not just with zero volume, but actually turned off?) etc etc etc.
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    Is the game you're trying to play on your 'puter a burned game? Some burned games tend to be a little "defective" at times. Does anything freeze when you try to play the game? If so, it may be your current video card. Perhaps you need just defragment your 'puter. Is the audio just not working?

    It really could be a number of things. . . Hmmmm. . .

    Can you give more specifics about your problem, vknarang? It would really help O.o

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