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    New IT security DB

    I could not find this posted anywhere... The following text was taken from an article in W2K news (www.w2knews.com)

    Co-Logic Security, a small IT security company based in New Zealand, decided to make its huge database on IT security vulnerabilities and exploits available free of charge. The site is meant for the 5 or 10 million overworked IT professionals who do not have the knowledge, time or resources.

    It is a massive database containing information on almost every product (software, hardware, network, security product etc.) outstanding vulnerabilities, the fixes that the suppliers have provided, very extensive topics folders on anything to do with IT security, information, educational topics etc.

    The information is organized as how "real world" businesses and orgs use their IT: Routers and networks, firewalls, operating systems, databases, applications etc. Any organization can access it, read up on the possible vulnerabilities in the products they have installed as part of their IT infrastructure, plain and simple.

    It keeps track of the new viruses and worms, announced by the major AV software suppliers. It actually lets you search on, say the subject line, or length of a newly received email attachment, suspected to be a possible virus, even when the email seems to come from a "trusted friend."

    The site is http://www.e-secure-db.us/
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    Very cool post. I never heard anything about this, but it seems to be a great resource. This should save a lot of people some headache. I think I will start checking my apps now!
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    Great site. Very informative on many issues.
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    Nice link!
    Will come in very handy...



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