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Thread: Frankenfood?

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    It seems like an invention straight from hog heaven: pigs with low-phosphorus poop.
    Less pollution. Lower feed and cleanup costs for farmers. Maybe, eventually, less stink.

    The pigs, created by genetic scientists in Ontario, could curb a serious pollution problem in Minnesota.

    But these porkers aren't going to market anytime soon.

    Instead, they stand at the center of the next fight over genetically modified food. And they represent tough tradeoffs for consumers.

    The pigs are one of the first genetically modified livestock creations to be ready for scrutiny by regulators. Behind them in the scientific pipeline is a veritable Old MacDonald's barnyard of animals with genes manipulated to add traits such as leaner meat or disease resistance.

    Creating the high-tech livestock is only the first hurdle. Next come questions of whether meat from the animals is safe to eat, whether consumers will eat it even if regulators deem it to be safe and whether the animals might pose unexpected environmental problems.

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is preparing to rule next year on the first round of food-safety questions, John Matheson, an FDA senior regulatory review scientist said Thursday at a meeting in Dallas.

    The FDA co-sponsored the briefing on the technology, along with the Pew Initiative on Food and Biotechnology.

    A green light from the FDA would shift the decision to farmers and food companies. Consumer groups already are warning them that the impending flareup over this food will make the dispute over biotech plant crops look tame.
    Entire article here

    I for one do not like the idea, interested in other people's opinions. And thanks in advance for voting. Some more info on genetically modified foods can be found here
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    I have to agree mahakaal,anyway weren't things made the way they are for a reason?
    Why fiddle with nature's coarse,things could only get worse.I think God was perfectly able to put things on earth just as they are for a reason which is good enough for me.

    I think it is wrong and should be left alone.
    Anyway just my thoughts.

    Practise what you preach.

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    So basically, they make artificial pigs because pig farts are ruining the ozone? C'Mon, gimmee a break. That's a lame excuse through the red tape.

    Now, as for world hunger, that will never go away just like poverty. I am all for feeding people, but not at the expense of possible bio meltdown. Like my mamma always said, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    Just my 2c

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    I'm fine with the idea of genetically engineered bacon as long as the FDA spends some time researching it to make sure it's not going to cause me to sprout another head or something.As far as pollution problems caused by pig sh!t,I think that's probably a pretty small portion of the problem in this world.It sounds like more of a statement to appease animal rights activists.You might think different when driving past a pig farm though,because I've gagged more than once from that smell.
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    Life is a delicate balance, and we only mess that up when we mess with stuff like genetic altering. I'm all for using science to advance things, but not when it interferes with the course of nature.

    albn > i like that quote man, never heard it before, but definately cool, and it makes sense
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    This type of thing could change the human race as we know it. We will not know the true impact of genetically altered food and crops for the next 50 years or so. We have NO idea how it really impacts the growth of children or the affects on the elderly.

    They don't really know if the changes in the genetic structure affect DNA yet or not. They are bulldozing this through the FDA and Congress because there is a LOT of money to be made in it, and well money makes the world go around.

    I will not eat genetically altered foods of any time if I can help it. I'm already convinced that some of the preservatives that we use can and do accelerate the growth of certian cancers, so there is no telling what this stuff is really going to do to you. These foods were made the way they were for a reason and tampering with it could have disasterous affects on us.

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    Wink genetically altered food

    I"ll bet if you were from a starving poverty ridden part of the world and had to watch your babies die you'd eat this faster than you could say Jack Sprat and thank God for decent food I agree it should be refined and tested first. But aren't computers, vaccines, etc, etc interfering with "the naturel way". I have worked with the poor and disabled and have seen how grateful they are for what you and I take for granted. Auntie
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    I wonder if we can apply this technology to reduce the stink generated by all the bullshit on Capitol Hill. Genetically engineered congressmen "born" without the ability to lie would make a convincing arguement in favor of human cloning.
    It isn't paranoia when you KNOW they're out to get you...

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    Allen, a politician who can't lie can't be a politician.

    As for the pigs, I kind of agree that God did what He did for a reason and we ought to let nature alone. You can't mess with Mother Nature without some kind of consequence.

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    Re: genetically altered food

    Originally posted here by auntie
    But aren't computers, vaccines, etc, etc interfering with "the naturel way". I have worked with the poor and disabled and have seen how grateful they are for what you and I take for granted. Auntie

    ok, computers aren't interfering with the natural order of things because they don't directly affect the DNA structure or our immune system. Now vaccines ARE affecting the natural order, as are antibiotics, and this can be readily seen in the sudden increase in "killer" infections and drug resistant viruses. Staph is a fairly common virus within a hospital environment, and has been easily countered by antibiotics, but in the past couple of years we have seen a significant rise in drug resistant strains of staph which at this point are not defeatable by drugs. Sure, the pharmaceutical companies are working on newer drugs, but this just perpetuates the problem that we are just now starting to see.

    This whole problem started about 60-70 years ago with the mandation of vaccines and antibodies for just about everything. We are now starting to see the pay off from that. This is my concern for genetically altered foods and crops. We won't know what is really happening until about 50 years from now.

    One thing you WILL see though is that most doctors are not prescribing antibiotics for just about everything now. They are starting to realize that it was a mistake to do it in the first place, but I believe it may be a case of too little too late.

    El Diablo

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