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    Aug 2002

    Unhappy Blondes(going on the endangered species list)

    Although I prefer brunettes,I found myself a little distressed by this article.What will the world do without natural blondes.Luckily I don't think the acting,porn,or any other form of entertainment will be affected too much by it because most of them dye their hair anyway.What would the world be without a good dumb blonde joke from time to time though?(no offense intended to any AO blondes.)I look forward to any thoughts and/or feelings on this subject.Here's the article.


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    Aug 2002
    Interesting article...I've always been fond of purple-haired women though.
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    Persoanally I have a red head and you couldn't get me to trade her in for anything!!!
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    I've always been fond of purple-haired women though
    Hell yes.
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    Thumbs up Red Heads

    Have to agree with 4midgethitmen. While I am attracted to brunettes in general I married a red head and never regretted it. The color of the hair is least important when it comes to the calibre of the woman. But, if my wife is any measure then Red heads lead the pack.
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    yeah...I fancy hott gothic chicks...

    why? who knows... but if you ask me, they're damn thexy...
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    By the way, the main reason behind the blondes == airhead thing is because a certain genetic predisposition to a form of retardation happens to also have biochemical side effects that can result in blond hair. (Check the veracity before you repeat that, I'm too lazy to.)
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