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Thread: Security for newbies

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    Security for newbies

    I found this article while perusing the web this afernoon. Please note that the link is to a .pdf file, so you will need the adobe acrobat reader to view it. I have to point out that perhaps the most important point this article makes is...

    Stop blaming Microsoft, the Web, or insecure software because many experts point to you and I as the biggest, most easily exploited security hole for hackers.

    This is definitely a must read for newbies who are concerned about securing their machines and curious about how to do so.
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    Good post.I'm working on my first tutorial for AO that is somewhat along these lines.It deals with the various classifications of attacks,and some measures that can be taken against the more basic ones.I'll have it done before the end of the week,so check it out if your a security newbie.
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