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Thread: What LAN Games should I get?

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    What LAN Games should I get?

    Okay here's the deal. I'm currently in the process of opening a LAN gaming center and have to choose which games to have. I have a list of 19 games, and I have to narrow it to 10. Your job? Choose the ten games you would like to see on that list.

    Here is the list:

    • Half-Life: Counter-Strike
    • Battlefield 1942
    • Warcraft III
    • Medal of Honor Allied Assault
    • Diablo II
    • EverQuest
    • Half-Life: Day of Defeat
    • Soldier of Fortune II
    • Dark Age of Camelot
    • Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
    • Neverwinter Nights
    • Age of Empires II
    • Starcraft
    • Unreal Tournament
    • Aliens vs Predator 2
    • Empire Earth
    • Command & Conquer: Renegade
    • Asheron's Call
    • Quake 3

    Choose 10 and let me know what you would want to play.

    EDIT: Yes, you can add ones not on the list also..

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    My vote

    Neverwinter Nights
    Diablo II
    Quake III
    Unreal Tournament
    Dungeon Seige
    Dark Age of Camelot
    Command & Conquer
    Half-Life (either)

    Best of luck on the venture!


    Read them.

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    counter strike
    diablo 2
    evercrack.. err.. everquest
    warcraft 3

    i think those are the most important for you to get for such a venture
    however both Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast and Neverwinter Nights would be really good too just my opinion
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    1- Counter Strike
    2- Medal of Honor:AA
    4-Age of Empires 2
    5-Empire Earth
    6-Everquest(this is actually a tie with CS )
    7-NeverWinter Nights
    9-Battlefield 1942
    10-C&C: Renegade

    As for my suggestions, Gangsters 2/Age of Wonders 2/Rogue Spear/Risk 2/ and of course America's Army though it's glitchy as heck

    /me waits for the invite

    erm a bit reciduous are we?
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    dailbo 2 star-broodwars age of empires 2 war3
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    Half-Life: Counter-Strike
    Warcraft III
    Medal of Honor Allied Assault
    Diablo II
    Soldier of Fortune II
    Unreal Tournament
    Aliens vs Predator 2
    Command & Conquer: Renegade
    Quake 3

    I've played a most of these, and they are all fun in their own ways. Shooters are definately going to draw lots of attention. Also you might want to keep your eyes open for Doom3 when it comes out, as that will probably be an awesome MP game. I know its supposed to focus mainly on Single Player mode, but I'm pretty sure they will give it MP capability too.
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    * Age Of Empires 2
    * StarCraft
    * Diablo II
    * WarCraft III
    * Quake III
    * Unreal Tournament
    * C&C Renegade

    Another terriffic multiplayer game is Return To Castle Wolfenstien... it's cheaper now; pick one up!


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    Half-Life: Counter-Strike
    Medal of Honor Allied Assault
    Diablo II
    Half-Life: Day of Defeat
    Age of Empires II
    Unreal Tournament
    Command & Conquer: Renegade
    Asheron's Call

    I would say Quake 3 but no one plays it much anymore, sadly.

    You should have Wolfenstein and Ultima Online as well.

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    return to castle wolfenstein
    counter strike
    mediaval total war
    war 3
    quake 3
    Battlefield 1942
    Soldier of Fortune II
    american army
    and of course diablo 2

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    These are my opinion and don't reflect anyone else's....some of these games I myself would not play (CS) but they definitely get the people in the door.

    No particular order, so here we go...

    1: Counter-Strike
    2: Day of Defeat

    Those would cover your Half-life junkies...

    3: Warcraft 3
    4: Age of Empires 2 (or Age of Mythology which would be much better)
    5: Empire Earth

    Those would cover your RTS fans...AoE2 is popular but with others out looking better, even I find it less appealing and I played that one into the ground. WC3 is pretty good but I think some people find it leaving something to desire. Empire Earth...long game to play on some levels so it might be hard to do Q&D's (that's Quick and Dirty).

    6: UT2K3 (skip UT/Q3)
    7: Save this slot for either Doom 3 or Quake 4 (gah, Q4?)
    8: Battlefield: 1942 (MUST HAVE)

    This covers a majority of your FPS fragging (UT/Quake-style) as well as the ALMIGHTY BF:1942, which is madly popular right now. UT2K3 just came out and would be a very good game but it's TAXING AS HELL (and weighs in at 3gb install). Doom 3 would be just as taxing, I'm sure. BF is a must though...must must must...

    9: AvP 2
    10: C&C:Renegade

    Those would be the gimpy side-events when people were looking for something different. Both were fun, but didn't hold me very long.

    And remember, gotta have those stands of shirts that say 'j00 d3@d f00!'...
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