Now this is just typically Microsoft. I came across this article on Lockergnome, which can be found HERE.

The Windows 2000 operating system, although used by only a few residents, was primarily responsible for hundreds of major problems on UCSB's residential network during the 2001-2 academic year. Residents' computers were compromised with several well-known vulnerabilities and used for all manner of unfriendly purposes such as the installation of viruses like Code Red and Nimda on other residents' computers, denial of service attacks, and port scanning.

For this academic year, ResNet staff determined that it is in the best interests of the entire UCSB ResNet community that this operating system not be used. As of the beginning of Fall Quarter, Windows 2000 (and Windows NT 4.0) cannot be used on ResNet. We recommend that users of Windows 2000/NT switch to Windows XP Home. Residential Computer Consultants will be available to assist with these upgrades, and Windows XP Home is available in the UCSB Bookstore at student rates. Students on financial aid can receive an augmentation of their award to cover the cost of the upgrade.
Although this is a security site, I'm more a designer. Is win2000 really that bad or is it just me? Tell me what you think about it.

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