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    can somebody clarify wat script is. i found that there is script in irc, html file, programing language such as vd script etc, but wat i want is may be someone can give me the coding for the html language. i search through the internet, but wat found is, it seem like script done have any coding but the provide script for ready to use. of course i wat to use their script, but at least i can understand how to creat script myself.
    thank q

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    Antionline has nice a nice tutorials forum full of great content for learning what ever kind of scripting your interested in, beyond that there is webmonkey.com as well as your local library's computer book selection. hope that helps.
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    y2k: Email me at jehnidiah@hotmail.com and I can give you all of the different coding language tutorials you'd like. No problem at all.

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    a script is basically a program, only instead of compiled into machine code, it's interpreted each time it's run.

    when you write a program in a programming language, you must compile it into the the machine code so that the operating system can execute it. scripts are read through by the program you wrote it for (html, command shell, awk...) and it is therefore usually irrelavent what kind of machine it was written on.
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    y2k, be aware that 'script' is not one language. mIRC script has another syntax than 'HTML'-script.
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