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Thread: U.S. Gov't more proactive?

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    U.S. Gov't more proactive?

    I just read read an article about Wireless Networks on Security Focus with origins at the Associated Press. It looks like the government is making an attempt to be more proactive rather than reactive to Network Security issues.

    Secret Service agents are putting a high-tech twist on the idea of a cop walking the beat. Using a laptop computer and an antenna fashioned from a Pringles potato chip can, they are looking for security holes in wireless networks in the nation's capital.
    Read the entire article here .
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    Wireless networks are not secure at all if you do not configure them so.
    I live near Manhattan, walking around this area with a laptop and a wireless network device would allow you to connect without any difficulties to more than 90% of the LAN you'll find. If governement uses Wireless networks, then they should -REALLY- hire experts in security, because as I know (washington post, a few weeks ago) even on a non wireless network, they are not that secure..... :-)
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