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Thread: Downloading Red Hat 8

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    Downloading Red Hat 8

    Hi guys

    Im having a bit of trouble downloading this from ftp.redhat.com here at work.

    When i try to access the ftp site it just times out, even though i have followed the instructions of logging in as anonymous and email as password.

    I have also tried a few different mirror sites which are giving me the same s**t.

    Im thinking maybe this has something to do with the firewall at work.

    Anyone know why this could be happening or know of an alternative download location, as i just got myself another pc last night which im devoting to this OS.

    Again thanx in advance guys!


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    could be that your firewall ristricts access to ftp sites.....
    try downloading from some http sites!
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    Enable ftp in your firewall maybe your firewall's blocking it try to look at your window regarding ftp protocol. then download it www.linux.org here the site maybe and there'a a direct link above if it fail try to contact online help on linux.org here some other site for linux
    www.linux.com , www.redhat.com

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