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Thread: 3 small bugs in IE 6 prove to be 1 big problem...

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    3 small bugs in IE 6 prove to be 1 big problem...

    Is anyone surprised by this?

    Researchers discover that three "low risk" bugs can combine to send a Windows system up in flames.
    Read the entire article here .
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    Is anyone still using IE by choice?

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    Not me....I've switched to Opera and Netscape 7, java disabled and gotten rid of media player. Never use it, why keep it around. I'd ditch MSIE too but read there are sometimes problems with xp when you delete it....so it sits there taking up space.

    I don't know that Netscape or Opera are safer, but by having Java 1.3.1 disabled, it's a little safer. Then there's the firewall, the antivirus, cookies on high. You know, the Internet isn't much safer than a city street after dark.

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    NeoPlanet seems to be good for me, however i'm not surprised with the IE situation. Any other browser would be considered better. On another topic, honesty, why would a company use an Internet Browser as an OS shell anyway! MS must have a pretty good darn reason....


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