hello people

i have a suggestion ok every one knows JP is a extermely busy guy but my suggestion could be fun for all webbased challenges on AO not the war games JP is planning but challenges like try2hack exept it would be JP's
challenges *it would be obviously better than try2hack if JP's mind is behind it* and we could like buy hints to levels with our antipoints like 2 points for a small hint 4 for a better hint up to say like 10 points for a really big hint it could give us something to do with our antipoints ok i havent got a clue how hard this would be to implement but what do you people think of this. JP could make the challenges like easy to start with then gradually get more complex as you go along has anyone thought of this before if they have i appolgise for the thread and wasting peoples time
so what do you guys and gals think please leave feedback