Hello people of AntiOnline. I'm currently upstarting my company that I have been contemplating for about two years now, OpenSockets. OpenSockets will be two things: 1. A security website (kinda like AO) with Exploit and Vulnerability news that will be updated daily (also having tutorials section, forums, chat, etc). 2. A security software company that will have a team of programmers or the programming team that will help develop and code OpenSocket's software (firewalls, intrustion detection software, etc). I'm hoping to have the company up and started with in all factors by January 1st, 2003. Their will be a few teams/sections to the company and they will be this: Website Team (Developing and managing website), News team (responsible for news for exploits and vulnerabilties,etc), a Forum/Chat team ( responsible for "modding" and administrating the chat ), and a Programming team ( who, with me, will work on the software for OpenSockets ).

If anyone is interested in becoming a member of any of these teams or for working for my company, please reply here. Much help is needed as I am looking forward to some Web-Designing help for my company. If you can help, that would be great. If not, that's fine. The head Administration for the site have already been chosen, but I am really hoping people will want to work for/on these teams. Thank you for your cooperation, and I hope we have some workers and that OpenSockets is a successful company!