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    Arrow You are either with us, or you're fired!

    I just recieved the latest news letter from Michael Moore and thought I'd share a small "c & p" from it. I know a lot of you HATE this guy with a passion but I find what he has to say a little refreshing...

    Anyway, on to the article-

    October 1, 2002

    Dear Friends,

    I was going to write you a letter about what a pathetic liar George W,
    is -- but then I figured, hey, why waste your time telling you
    you already know!

    You already know that his planned invasion of Iraq is a ruse meant to
    distract the public from the real issues, those issues being the
    1. The number of people unemployed since he "took" office has risen by
    2. We had a federal SURPLUS of $281 billion when he was inaugurated;
    we have a DEFICIT of $157 billion.
    3. TWO MILLION jobs have been eliminated since Bush began his
    occupation of
    the Oval Office.
    4. The stock market is down 34% since January of 2001.
    5. Another 1.4 million people now have NO health insurance, making it a
    total of over 41 million Americans who can't afford to get sick.
    6. Only 13 corporate crooks out of HUNDREDS have been indicted, and
    none of
    them have been the close personal friends of Mr. Bush.

    THOSE are the real issues facing us, not some phony excuse for a war.

    That's just a small piece of what he has to say and I didn't want to bore you with the rest. I haven't had time to see if his facts are correct, although they look like they're pretty close to the mark.

    If anyone would like to sign his petition to oppose the invasion of Iraq you can do so here.....

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    So, CK.... what should anyone occupying the US oval-office have-done/be-doing under the circumstances that our present CinC walked into? Just Damn glad i ain't a politician, and double damn glad it wasn't me elected CinC in the year 2000! A good share of the stock-market was an artificially inflated baloon for at least the previous five years, CEO's had learned that their bonuses and wage increases depended on the performance of their stocks, at the same time they found that brokerage houses would push those stocks for a piece of the action under the table, and auditors would give them a clean slate FTC report for the same reason. Fortune-500 "IT" companies that had nothing but paper and bee-es behind them were using self-produced and totally inflated stock to buy up legitimate companies which eventually got their real assets raided to prop up the failing paper companies. In the meanwhile, serious but shadowy enemies were planning the execution of nine-eleven and a bunch of other s#1t while the Fibbies, CIA, polizia-et-all were working with Administrative Restriction legirons fastened by ............. Aw, hell, who cares, nobody is listening anyway. Damn, i gotta quit getting on these rants, it's taking away from the time i can spend learning something here. BTW, i'm not a democrat nor a republican when it comes to support of any one politician, i try to figure out what they stand for, what they're doing, that i either agree with, don't agree with, or really don't care. Just ding-dang glad that your name or my name ain't Commander in Chief, 'cause there'd be a lot of people hollering their heads off at what we did in the same circumstances. Right?

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    The Old Man, I agree with you. Bush inherited a lot of problems. This stuff was brewing before he ever got in office.
    For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.
    (Romans 6:23, WEB)

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    Forgive my ignorance, but your rant doesn't really cover any of the topics raised. Topics such as-

    The rise in unemployment by 35%

    The state of the deficit

    The lack of health insurance

    And you're right. I'm glad your name "aint Commander in Chief"....Anyone who uses the word "ding-dang" in a sentence should not be able to hold such a high position!

    I'm j/k, of course....

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    Your a communist. We live in a capitalistic society where the economy is governed by business and not by the president. The free market system decides when jobs should be opened and closed. As long as I'm around, I will not let the government control the business world.


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    For Lucas

    Your a communist. We live in a capitalistic society where the economy is governed by business and not by the president. The free market system decides when jobs should be opened and closed. As long as I'm around, I will not let the government control the business world.
    CK is hardly a Communist. Do you even know what a Communist is? I mean besides a red guy with horns. Yes we live in a CAPITALIST society, so does he. It seems it's not JUST the economy is governed by business. Yes the free market decides when jobs should be opened and closed, just dont ****in ask for welfare when big business ships your job to China. And yes...as long you're around business will control the govt.
    DONT flame people you dont know!

    No offense to Preacherman481 or The OldMan. Lucas just pissed me off

    Edit: Yes I know I just flamed Lucas, when I was preaching to him about the same
    \"When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a communist.\" -- Dom Helder Camara

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    2. We had a federal SURPLUS of $281 billion when he was inaugurated;
    we have a DEFICIT of $157 billion
    The "surplus" was based on the projections of the economy.
    The performance of the economy was based on the profits
    reported by the major corporations.
    The major corporations have been lying about their profits
    since as far back as 1998.

    Therefore, the economy was already in a recession before the election
    of 2000, but we were being told it was doing fine.
    Bush was sandbagged.

    Now, he's not making things any better by wanting to start
    a war, but he didn't destroy the economy.
    The president doesn't control the economy.
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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    Rcgreen: thanks for clearing that up. Basically I was too lazy to go look for it, but it seemed to me that having that kind of a surplus in gov't coffers was wrong. All I've heard about my whole life is the federal deficit...didn't see how we suddenly had that much surplus.

    IMO Bush has made one heck of a mess out of being president. But some of what he is now dealing with was there before he got there. I'm just sure that whoever our next president is is going to REALLY have a mess to deal with.

    On a different topic, sort of, as some of you know, I live in Florida. I think this years gubernatorial election is going to be quite interesting, since George W's brother is our incumbant governor. The fur is really flying in coffee shops and Wal-Mart and such here...I think we are getting a preview of what our presidential election is going to look like. No one here is really focusing on any of the issues, except whether they like George or not. The ones who like George are fighting tooth and nail for Jeb (our current governor). The ones who don't like George are fighting against Jeb. What is MOST interesting to me though....people who one year ago supported Jeb wholeheartedly have gotten fed up and angry about what is going on on the federal level, and are now fighting it out against a state governor who happens to be related to the prez.

    For my .02....Jeb was a waster when he got in office, and now I have him and his less than intelligent brother running my state and federal gov'ts. So I'm literally on the streets campaigning and beating the bushes for voter turn out. This got waaaaay off topic, sort of. Sorry!

    Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read.

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    alright, perhaps I was a bit harsh with the communist comment. But, his views on the economy and the government are socialist. Welfare and medicaid are a joke, the extra branches of the government are not necessary and should not be controlled by some all-powerful bureaucracy.


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    This thread is getting a little off topic. No where have I said that the President controls the economy. If at all, that was implied in The Old Man's post, not mine....

    My original post was pointing out how the war on IRAQ is being used as a smoke screen to cover more important issues on the home front. I thought that was clear. Obviously not...

    Lucas420- Who the **** are you? I've been going through some of your other posts and already you take me as a dickhead.

    Originally posted by Lucas420
    I will not let the government control the business world.
    Again, what a pathetic thing to say. How are you going to achieve this? As I said before, dickhead...Perhaps give the FAQ a quick read before posting anymore...

    Mahakaal- My saviour! LOL...Thanks for rushing to my aide, noble sir..You shall not be forgotten! LOL....

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