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    Where to find reliable PAY PHP/MySQL hosts

    There was an earlier thread regarding free PHP/MySQL hosting, but I am interested in finding a reliable paid server that is not really expensive, but not crappy either. I have searched Google, but came up with so many hits I do not even know what's a good deal or a total rip.

    I am interested in installing a PostNuke forum with shopping cart capabilities, but I do not know if this is too much of a security risk.

    Also, as for hosting my own, my ISP does not allow servers.

    Thanks for your help,


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    I didn't know he wanted free... D'oh! But if you'll see my reply under that post, there's your decent pay php/mysql (eryxma)... $36 a year is a pretty good deal for what your getting... (No, I don't get a cut )

    I've run a couple of sites using Nuke, but you really need to stay up on the exploits/updates... For some reason, they are always a target... I don't know if it's the PHPNukers vs. PostNukers, or what the deal is...

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    I found my host:

    And although I've had some problems, since the owner has been moving things around the past week, the service is excellent and gives a lot for a low price, I also saved in buying my domain with the package.

    At Findmyhosting.com they're set up by users ratings, services offered, and prices.

    Hope that helps.

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    I used phpwebhosting.com before. Only $9.95 a month 150mb to start out and more free if needed. As many free MSQL databases as you desire. Vertually unlimited bandwith, PHP , unlimited free email accounts and some more.

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    I use ICDsoft they offer:

    $5/Month (no setup fees)
    $5 .com/.net/.org registration
    333 MB Web Space
    Unlimited E-Mail Accounts
    FTP Access
    5 Subdomains
    Pass Protected Directories
    MySQL Data Base
    Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
    Server Side Includes (SSI)
    5 Gigs Data Transfer & Hits
    Custom 404 Page
    PERL, C++, TCL, Python and PHP4

    they have some more featuers too just listing the top ones.

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    I used www.imhosted.com (the people who host) www.evrsoft.com a free cool html edting resource, now an excellent portal for webmasters.

    I cancelled them recently because their mail server has been down for 2 weeks they told they would fix it... never did.

    I am consider signing up with www.gisol.com They look legit, although they advertise lower prices.. they are actually more expensive. (Unless you prepay)The GB transfer is the best for being 15 bucks a month. Check em out.


    Also some search engines are


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    I thank everybody for helping me in this matter. I cannot wait to get rid of this free hosting! Greenies for everybody!

    errr... after I gave them out to everybody above me, I just wondered.... does that count as abuse? ooppss...


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