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Thread: Fritz's Hit List

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    Fritz's Hit List


    Fritz's Hit List #7

    Today on Fritz's Hit List: the Shop With Me Barbie toy cash register.

    This product, which plays digital audio, qualifies for regulation as a "digital media device" under the Hollings CBDTPA. If the CBDTPA passes, any newly manufactured Barbie cash registers will have to incorporate government-approved copy protection technology.

    Fight piracy -- regulate toy cash registers!


    This seems funny and seems like it should be in Tech Humor, but it's actually happening.
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    dont get me started on the unfair royalties placed upon streaming web radio by CARP and the RIAA he he....

    seems anymore speaking english will be considered piracy if one uses slang (which we will soon see Lars Ulrich from Metallica trying to copyright)

    <<<<argh, he he... more info no less... www.voiceofwebcasters.org >>>>
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