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Thread: al-Qaida owned??

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    al-Qaida owned??

    Did anyone hear about this one? I found it a little interesting.

    A Maryland hacker used simple Web tools like whois and traceroute -- as well as online translation software and an anti-cybersquatting service -- to take over the domain name of al-Qaida's website. And he's ready to do it again.
    The rest of the article is here .
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    This is kinda humorous. Al-Qaeda have become the biggest boogymen of our time, and yet they can't even keep a handle on their domain name. Perhaps the FBI were speaking of other terrorist cells when they warned of the potential for massive cyber attacks on the US in the future should be expected.
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    I believe the website you are talking about is alneda.com which is a virtual host under thewetlands.com (porn site). When I did a port scan with nmap months ago I believe only ssh and http were open. So who knows....

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    That article was great! I did some looking and found a similar article on CNN.com (so its gotta be true...right? )

    Anyway, good post!

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