Hump-Day Humor

-Brought to you by The Shark Tank

Just a little humor to get you over the hump of the week, and yes hump day means Wednesday. Just to clear that up for a couple individuals.

-True tales of the IT LIFE…

Second time's the charm
User at this hospital calls tech support pilot fish: "My computer is making a racket."
What were you doing when it started making the noise? fish asks. "It wasn't even turned on," user says. Are you sure you didn't just turn off the monitor? fish asks. Check the lights on the box. "Nope, no lights." And you're sure it's making a noise? "Sure, listen," user says, and holds the phone toward the machine -- which is distinctly making a noise. When the support tech arrives at the user's office, the PC is piled so high with papers that the top of the CPU can't be seen -- but it's definitely making a fair bit of noise. The tech digs through the papers to unearth the box. Finally he gets down to bare metal -- and there, on top of the PC's case, is the user's beeper. It's set to vibrate mode. Problem solved. But not forgotten. Six weeks later, another call: same user, same complaint. Do you know where your beeper is? fish asks. "Oh. Err, never mind ..."

Get the message?
This IT consultant pilot fish gets a call from the office manager of a nonprofit agency about problems with some of the workstations. "I get there and notice that the machines are intermittently losing network connection and have problems saving files," fish says.
She also notices a beeping coming from the room where the server is located -- and when she checks the logs, it's clear the server has had problems and recovered several times. "As I lean in to start typing," says fish, "I notice a wipe-off whiteboard attached to the server -- with magnets -- directly over where the hard drives are inside the case. I immediately move it onto one of their metal filing cabinets in the room." After that, fish reboots the server, lets it repair its file system and finally gets it running with all the workstations connecting properly again. Then she explains to the nontechnical office manager that having magnets attached to the server probably contributed to the problem. "Make sure no users ever put magnets on any of their computers or monitors, and especially not on the server," fish tells the office manager. A week later, fish returns for a follow-up visit. In the server room, she finds the magnetic wipe-off whiteboard once again attached to the server. But this time there's a message on the whiteboard: "Do not put magnets on computers!!

I hope this helps your week go by a little smoother. – Tek Weasel