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Thread: DoS/DDoS tools and techniques description

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    Post DoS/DDoS tools and techniques description

    While doing a little research in the DoS/DDoS department,I came across some interesting material.It gives a description of many tools used for attacks in this area,and also a few examples of attacks performed with the tools.It has descriptions of both offensive and defensive tools for DoS/DDoS attacks.Here's the link.


    It was last updated at the end of July,so it probably doesn't have the most recent tools,but should still be useful in making a few of you aware of some possible weaknesses in your network.Also keep in mind that since this stuff has been out for a while,if you don't protect yourself against these tools you could be putting quite a bit on the line,because the longer something is out the larger the amount of people that have it.

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    Hrmm.. that's odd, I figured a good deal of DoS came from DOS. Like, most people (I thought) used like ping -t (IP) or that ping -v igmp (IP) -l 15000 -t'. If people use tools and bots, isn't that easily(ier) traceable? Anyways, thanks for the site. Oh and IMHO, I don't think there is too much defense for DoS attacks. I can be wrong.

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    Well yeah thats the point of DDos is to utilize trojans so large numbers of people will contribute to the DoSing without their knowledge.
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