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    Automating Batch Cleanup

    Combineing the batch utilities found at http://www.x9000.net/ and Kevin's Universal Batch Cleaner, found here

    and the Evidence Eliminator Eliminator found at http://www.radsoft.net/resources/sof...reviews/ee/e3/

    I am starting to develop my own Ultimate cleaner, It will be a console application to cut down on file size and increase processing speed.

    I know how to get it to run at startup, which is easy, but what I don't know is how to make it run at shutdown.

    One idea I had was to create a batch file like so

    mycleaner -c -r c:\mycln.conf
    rundll32.exe user.exe, exitwindows

    But in that case I would have to open that batch every time I want to shutdown, instead I want to be able to have it automated when you click Start>Shutdown

    I recieved a tip about editing cpl (dos shortcuts) at http://evidence-eliminator-sucks.com...irections.html

    He did not follow up with his post, and when I emailed him, I got a bounce back. I did however find a utility for editing cpl files called Resource Hacker at http://www.users.on.net/johnson/resourcehacker/

    Which is of cource freeware. However I have no idea what cpl file to edit to make it run at shutdown.

    Can someone direct me as to how I can make my batch cleaner start at shutdown?

    Opinions, sugestions are welcome.

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    What OS is this for? It looks like you are talking about Windows...I believe that you can configure shutdown scripts with one of the many Group Policy objects found in AD (Win2k)...
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    OS is Windows 98 SE, I checked through the registry for anything that contained rundll32, and found alot of stuff, but I am not shure which one runs with shutdown. I realy dont want to resort to adtional software like any sceduler or any of that, It would be nice if I could find a registry key responsible for shutdown.

    I know that in delphi you can intercept shutdowns. I will be useing either C++ or batch.

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