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Thread: Telstra dump Microsoft for Sun

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    Telstra dump Microsoft for Sun

    Ballmer heads for Oz to staunch Telstra Windows defection

    The situation with Telstra at the moment is that CIO Jeff Smith has declared himself an admirer of Sun's Scott McNealy (and we have already taken him to task for this). In July Telstra made the rather more significant announcement. It appointed Sun as "the lead provider of technology solutions and services for Telstra's new technology environment," which amounts to adopting the Sun Open Net Environment (ONE), and Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition as "the foundation of the next-generation Standard Operating Environment (SOE) for Telstra's next-generation open services platform (OSP) platform in Australia... [to provide] robust and futureproof web services ... speed to market rich new services, and help increase revenue opportunities."

    Microsoft loses 45,000 licenses from this switch, and they are sending Ballmer down here to take care of the situation.

    I personally think it is great that a large company, like Telstra, is looking at other solutions apart from Microsoft. Hopefully MS will start to realise that they can't charge exorbitant amounts of money for their substandard software, as more individuals/corporations turn to cheaper/more effective software developers.

    Go Sun


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    ..... there is an article in Australian IT News (3/10/02).... titled "Microsoft Woos Telstra", I think Steve may be heading down under bearing gifts ....

    Mr Rumpff (MS Chief Exec) said Telstra had not committed itself to keeping Microsoft's products inside its IT systems.

    "That would be very stupid of them, wouldn't it," he said.

    But he claimed that Microsoft had "a lot of valid arguments and a lot of different options to provide the value they get".

    He described Microsoft's software licensing system under fire from corporates across the globe for its high prices as "very flexible".
    Article here

    The outcome will be interesting nevertheless.

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