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Thread: Its old and from a crappy source but...

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    Its old and from a crappy source but...

    Like the title says, its very old, made the year i was born in fact, but it still provides good quick information while scanning it. I'm sure some of you have seen this throughout the years, but i found it while searching for unix security texts. It was written by a lame dude, who is loved by hackers im sure. but still its a good link, its free, print it off and use it for reference.


    p.s. its not about hacking, its a guide to the fundamentals of unix and some common security stuff. its just that some lamers find stuff like this and call it hacking just because they are reading about Unix. but meh, like i said its a good text, have fun.

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    he he er0k you may have just found one of the old reliable sources we thrive on in the field.... there used to be a big red book I had once indexing unix commands... sorta a bible... cant remember who published it, or even where i got it (I think at circuit city or somewhere) but I'd kill to have that book back again now..... I made the mistake of giving it away to a needy n00b... eh... least he got use of it... that was the point.....

    /me shuffles through numbers to call de not so n00b anymore and get his old book back

    good link er0k... hokey or not, if theres info in it... count on it being useful to someone
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    that's a great resource thank you very very much

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