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Thread: NSA to increase eavesdropping

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    NSA to increase eavesdropping

    For the most part, I'm going to let this pass without comment because it pretty much speaks for itself.

    The Sept. 11 attacks underscored the need for such monitoring. Among the millions of communications intercepts the NSA collected on Sept. 10, 2001 were two Arabic-language messages warning of a major event the next day. The Arabic messages were not translated until Sept. 12.
    I don't know about you, but my bullshit sniffer just went off the scale.

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    Hmm... Suuuuuuure. And you know what? I'm betting the REASON they didn't get translated until the 12th is not due to the fact that the NSA didn't have the tools, they just didn't have the inclination for whatever reason. They don't need more tools, they need a better organized institution!
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    They didn't translate them because they didn't exist. They only want more control, a larger budget and the go ahead to do whatever they dammed well please.

    Or maybe Abdul was having a store wide sale. Im sure on any given day you could find a few communications in every language warning loved ones against flying or some depressed soul experiencing and sharing feelings of impending doom. The fact of the matter is all the monitoring tools in the world will not stop a determined enemy for reeking havoc, especially is these tools are aimed at internet communications, they will just use a more private method. All these tools will do is relive us of our privacy at an incredible expense to everone.

    Let's say, by chance a letter was obvious enough to get caught by the feds. And say that message was giving a terrorist cell the go ahead on a mission. Knowing that the feds are watching it would have to be a call for immediate action. So what good did it do catching it. The deed is done before it’s even looked at.
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    The NSA will say something about the budget or manpower being the basis for this failure (if it is indeed true) to justify more federal moneys incoming and in my opinion more federal bigwigs embezzling tax money. The CIA has been intentionally screwing up for years to meet the same ends so they can pursue projects like Iran-Contra - for example.
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