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Thread: Setting up a 2 Man Win Lan

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    Setting up a 2 Man Win Lan

    Stuff needed:

    2 computers (Should go without saying but you never know with somepeople)
    2 Network Cards (Installed into your computers)

    To set up a LAN with a mate for whatever reason ... **COUGH** cs **COUGH** ... you do not need to go through the hassle of hubs, switches and miles of cable.

    Usually you would connect both PC's to a Hub or a switch, but as these burn away a fair wedge of your hard earnt cash we are going to create a cross-over cable. This is basically a normal network cable (RJ45) wired differently to allow 2 PC's to connect straight to each other.

    Creating the cable

    1) You Will Need: Cable Stripers

    Get a piece of CAT 5 cable long enough to reach between the two PC's. Strip about 1 inch off the end of the wire to reveal 8 more wires. These wires will all be color coded as follows.

    O - Orange
    WO - White and Orange
    G - Green
    WG - White and Green
    B - Blue
    WB - White and Blue
    Br - Brown
    WBr - White and brown

    2) You will Need: Wire Cutters, RJ$% connecter

    You need to order the wires in the following combination - WO,O,WG,B,WB,G,WBr,Br

    Once you have them in order cut them so they are about 3/4 of an inch long and slide them into the RJ45 plug with the clip facing away from you

    3) You will need : Crimper

    Make sure the wires are all the way in to the top of the RJ45 connector and that they are in the right order and put the connector into the crimpers and crimp it.


    Repeat these steps for the other end of the wire but with the wires in the following order


    In this order all you have done is swapped the green and white green wires with the orange and white orange wires.

    Once you have done this you can plug the wire into the two computers network cards.


    The last thing you need to do is to configure your PC's to talk to one another. Right click on your network neighbourhood or my network places in XP and select properties. This should bring up your network properties.

    The client for networks is self explanatory, file and printer sharing is need if you want to swap files between computers. TCP/IP is the communication protocol they will be using to talk to each other. Now we need to assign IP addresses to the PC's. You do this by selecting TCP/IP and clicking properties.

    Because there are 2 computers we will need 2 IP addresses, we will use & both having a subnet mask of, simple enter the numbers in the boxes, click ok and then ok again. After a quick restart you should be ready to rumble.

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    thats a typo on his part..... "RJ$% connecter" should be read as "RJ45 connecter" he jult held shift a little to long.

    other than that. quite a good one..... tho im shocked that someones not beaten you to it yet! shame on you sr. members for overlooking something so simple!

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    If you don't mind spending a little extra money, you can just buy the cables. Be sure to ask for cross-cable if you want to connect two computers to eachother directly.
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