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    Exclamation [WARNING] Upgrade RedHat 7.3 -> 8

    hi all !

    yesterday night, i tryed to upgrade my RH 7.3 to the brand new 8

    I just want to warn those who are -very- up to date (using the great RedCarpet from Ximian for example), because that one allow you to download a lot of new libraries, and when i upgraded my RH, it told me that i had a 'third party' that has differents packages, and this message gave me the advice not to upgrade. I did it anyway, rebboted, and now, all my libraries a screwed up. I tryed many many things to get those back, and I guess i have to reinstall everything now.

    So be carfull :-)
    Or if you are not sure, just make a backup before you change anything..

    Code free or die !

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    Thanks for the warning.... I was just thinking of upgrading too.... Guess ill have to wait for the gold release =[

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    This is a good release, i guess that i you did not use too much redcarpet, if you did not install too many new libraries, it should work okay ! As i make programs on linux, i use to update like every time there is a new library :-) I am maybe not the right example. But this was just a warning for the users who are like me.. be carfull.. I guess you can try, but if you have a message telling you that "There is a third party blah blah blah..." then you shouldn't continue :-)
    Code free or die.

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