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    I just found a mini web browser, it is freeware and can be found at http://www.geocities.com/minibrws/

    it can acept urls from the command line, for those DOS folks. It has a GUI type tool bar with your back, forward, refresh, and address bar controlls. Prity nice for a DOS application. And can fetch web pages quickyly. It is free and worth a try, if simplicity is your style.

    It apears to be acepting the settings found in Controll pannel> Internet options

    I checked to see if it was useing my proxomitron, and yes, it suports proxomitron.

    MiniBrowser now accepts URLs from a command line (eg. "MiniBrws32.exe http://www.yahoo.com")
    Extra command line feature "-notoolbar"
    Options Dialog!
    Choose your own homepage & searchpage instead of IE's defaults
    Toggle the tool bar from the options dialog or by pressing 'F4'
    Some nicer icons


    I like it, its simple, fast, uses little resources, and little RAM. Worth a try.

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    no offense aj67my but ie will accept urls from the command. just enter "iexplore www.yahoo.com" at the run command. you had me excited though, i thought it was a dos browser. Arachne is about the fastest browser around and runs in dos or a dos window. if you want to see something that i think is exciting, check it out
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    Tedob: Just as an update, you don't even have to type "iexplore www.yahoo.com" to access a page if it's your default browser. Just type the URL in the run menu and it works fine. If it's not a www server, make sure you type http:// before the address (i.e. http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com) and it'll work. I rarely use the address bar in IE anymore. I just type the address in the run menu and have it open in a new browser.


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