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Thread: What are the rules here? What should I follow to NOT get banned?

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    What are the rules here? What should I follow to NOT get banned?

    Hello, im , im new here and with a few questions... i was just looking around on the forums, and i saw that alot of people get banned. Im probably just being all paranoid. But, what will you get banned for? Are their innapropriet things one might say to get banned. What stuff should I stay away from? Or am I just dreaming this up in my head?


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    Hello and welcome!

    You don't need to worry about much... I have been here for quite a while and am not even close to a ban even though I am obnoxious, stupid and arrogant!

    3 things though :

    Don't ask how to hack!

    Don't distribute negative antipoints for fun.

    Don't harass people.

    Welcome again and enjoy the site!
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    Go check this FAQ out, it should answer any questions you may have about stuff like being banned and such.

    Basically just don't ask questions like "how do I hack hotmail" and you should be all right.
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    ok tanks...

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    -Useless Post-

    Btw, don't post useless things in our forums. We have enough as it is...try not to add to the pollution.

    And also: only post a joke if it's funny...if it's not funny...well...I know where you live.
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    Pud: Oh yeah! Well I know where I live too! hah!

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    Thank you jenjifer for asking, many newbies don't ever bother to even concern themselves with the rules. Just read all the newbie FAQs and articles.

    The best advice I can give so you won't be concidered offensive is to aquaint yourself with the regular users, most of us here will answer PMs (Private Message) sent to us. So if you aren't sure if a post you want to make will be offensive or out of conduct, just contact us privately. When posting a new thread, make sure that you place it in the proper forum, check you spelling too, we have a lot of international members who have a hard enough time with slang, much less misspelled words and bad grammer. I also might add that I noticed that you used a very small font in your post, I am one of the few of us "old d00ds" with poor eyesight, I can just barely make out your post, and I use a 17" monitor in 1024 x 768 resolution. Just be courteous and thoughtful of the other users and you will never have a problem.

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