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Thread: Bizarre day...

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    Bizarre day...

    Greetings all,
    I had quite a bizarre day today and thought I should share this with you guys and maybe get your views on this.I was sent an invitation to a bbq,and when I responded that I could not make it and apologised politely that I was not feeling up to it,I was treated like a underdog or whatever you want to call it and had to hear all sorts of nasty remarks,just because I did not feel well.Why is it in this world that you always have to have an explanation for eveything?I just think that if you say no to something people should not always expect an explanation.But then again you get people who can’t take no for an answer.

    Thanks for getting this off my chest.No offense to anyone.
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    that how life is, try ure president of us, well the will give full respect to u. coz that how this world is.

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    Sorry to hear it. While I certainly don't know the entire situation I would merely recommend that you reflect briefly on the situation. If this is with co-workers and they have been trying to get you to interact with them more then they might see this as a rebuff. If this is with buddies they may be trying to let you know they are feeling disconnected. Basically see if they are reacting to more than just the current situation. If not and they just did not accept your explanation then they are in the wrong and you should try to blow it off. I say try because I am very bad about taking things like what you described personally and am very bad about letting them go even when I know I should.

    Please understand that I am in no way implying you did anything wrong. I just feel a little honest reflection may shed light on their bizarre behavior. BTW if the person inviting you was a pretty female then you are an underdog J/K since being a married man that would be the most dangerous invitation for me.
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    it seems some need constant reassurance. they are over come with their own insecurities and take a 'no' as personal rejection and react by getting mad. Some others feel they should tell you what to do and you should listen, after all they know whats best for you. either way don't let their problems live in your head rent free. if you, for any reason really don't want to attend, then dont. it really is their problem if they read something other than what you mean, into what you say. if they can't take no for an answer, ask yourself (family excluded).... do you really want that in your life?
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    Sorry to hear you're felling down bro' Hope you get to fellin' better soon... Don't sweat teh small stuff man... The way I try to look at 99% of things is like this.. As long as it doesn't hurt me and more imporantly my wife and kids then all is well... like Tdob1 said some folks just have a problem when someone tells them No...
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