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    Exclamation Nsa website

    Ever since this afternoon www.nsa.gov hasn't been coming up. I have tried it from several different computers on different connections. So does anyone know why it's down?


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    Hmm...I can't hit it either.

    <conspiracy theory>
    Perhaps it's related to the defacement to the State Department's website? Some kind of coordinated, or planned attack? Perhaps Al-Qaeda is flexing some of their hacking muscle!
    </conspiracy theory>

    Then again, maybe they've got a bum router.
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    Tracing route to nsa.gov []
    over a maximum of 30 hops:

    3 180 ms 161 ms 180 ms pop1-dtc-P0-0.atdn.net []
    4 160 ms 180 ms 180 ms bb1-dtc-P13-0.atdn.net []
    5 170 ms 180 ms 161 ms pop4-dtc-P0-0.atdn.net []
    6 uunet.atdn.net [] reports: Destination host unreachable.
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