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    Angry Got a

    I recently installed Panda antivirus...was using McAfee. Well, Panda found 3 infected files with the virus exploit/iframe.

    It disinfected them, but I'm worried that my system has been compromised. Is this something to worry about or is it a good possibility that Panda wiped out the worm and it will not cause me anymore problems.

    I fixed internet explorer so the damn thing wouldn't come back.

    Any input...kind of ignorant about how worms work and how they destroy.

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    Try downloading AVG from it's free and you get regular updates. It's also very good, often said to be better than paid for products.
    Mama always said, keep your virus definitions up to date.

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    Panda found 3 infected files with the virus exploit/iframe.
    I did a virus scan on my computer with panda antivirus it found 2 when I used Nortons Antivirus it found 4. To answer your question yes your system has been compromised! You should download Nortons Antivirus 2002 you can download it from This antivirus is a lot better than pandas!

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    Try Mcfee antirvirus and try keep it updated the virus definitions.

    *Tip: Don't accep .exe, .doc, .bat. , .com



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    I had McAfee and it never caught it....horrible virus scanner.

    I installed Panda recently and it found 3 infected files...which were disinfected.

    I'm just confused as to what worms do. How do they operate and what are the potential problems. The virus was described as exploit/iframe

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    I'm curious as to why the hell everyone freaks out when they get a worm or two.As long as you keep your sh!t backed up and scan your computer every couple days(I scan mine once a day)they're not that big of a deal.
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    last time i scanned my computer i had something like 130 "virus's"

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    can you tell me if te online scan is usefull?
    and if so where?

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    Seriously consider putting a virus scan each time you boot the computer or if you
    keep the machine running constantly make a timed task to do it something like
    every six hours. I personally check every file I download. Depending on how
    suspicious it seems I make a virus scan or look at it on a hex editor or disassemb-
    le a bit.

    REMEMBER: You don't have any security if you don't take initiative.

    As already djhuk pointed out AVG is good, but you can also get a free DOS-based
    scanner from

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