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Thread: IP (data) Mining

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    Question IP (data) Mining

    Is it possible to some how find information from IP addresses......

    that is the country, or location (geographical)
    the services being provided ...(mail,http,nesw etc.)
    type of network and some other stuff

    how much can be known by 'JUST HAVING THE IP' i.e. not connecting to the net.
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    You can find some information. You can do a tracert or tracerout (win) to find out the graphical location. Most linux distros come with Visual Route which will show you where and how they bounce around the world.
    Here is a link for a visual route program. There are several more. Use google.


    The following site below offers a bunch of basic query tools. Check it out. You can even download the program so you don't have to keep going back there everytime you want to run a query.


    Hope this is what you were asking.

    Just read your post again...

    My fault

    By 'JUST HAVING THE IP' i.e. not connecting to the net.

    You can only pretty much find out what class network it is. Providing they haven't done a whole lot of subnetting. Chances are they have, so you can only really take an educated guess at what the class is.

    You know what class it is by looking at the network part of an ip address.

    For more info, check out some of the tutorials or read elsewhere on ip addresses and subnetting.
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    Download the program IP TOOLS from http://www.ks-soft.net/download.htm

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    actually i was more towards wriyting a code to do these job..... i think googling has given me enough info.... thanx guys actually i was surprised by so many tools that eventually stumbled upon by taking ur leads.....
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    coolnads hope this might help

    www.visualroute.com <-- can only download free trials for 15 days
    www.neoworx.com <--will take to the site download this for free

    ive only use these two but i alway use Neo

    try it

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    A lot of people laugh at IP addresses and seem to think they are relatively safe even when people happen to know their addy.

    An exercise on one of the security lists that I am part of was lifting personal information based off of IP addresses. One guy was chosen as the "subject" and the result was some of the most amazing detective work I have seen. Just based off of a DYNAMIC IP address one lady was able track down this guys physical address, license number, social security number, most bought groceries list, phone number, BANK ACCOUNT numbers, and even an online picture of him. This ALL started with JUST a basic IP number that was dynamically assigned at that.

    I'll see if I can find an online archive of that list for you guys, it was a most definatly interesting read.

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    El Diablo, that would be very interesting to read. Make sure you post it to share with the rest of the gang.
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