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Thread: Question: Red Hat workstation

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    Question Question: Red Hat workstation

    For a moderate/professional computer user, though new with Redhat / Linux: KDE or Gnome, and why?
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    maybe someone else could shed more light on this than i, downloaded the latest rh distro last week but the largest blank cds i had were 700 mbs and disk 1 was 714. Red Hat has been working to incorporate kde and gnome together in one interface giving the best of both. im not sure if thats in this release or not.
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    I used to have GNOME when I had red hat it was slow, so I converted to KDE and found it alot better.
    If i had to choose again I will definetly use Blackbox especially after all reviews praise its speed, which for me is a must! its also VERY VERY customizable from and this is an uber-perk! For all you *nix heads out there who dont know too much about BlackBox I'll give you a gimme url to check out
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    Why is it that when you give someone a choice between A and B, they always select C?
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    I guess I'll vote KDE but I feel there both simalar enough that it’s a matter of personal preferance. Here are some links that might help you with your descision.


    There is even a KDE vs Gnome site

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    It's almost purely a matter of personal preference, Guus. I prefer Gnome because it has more of a Macintosh-like feel to it, and I've always had a soft spot for the Mac interface (the pre-OSX one). KDE, on the other hand, has a more Windows-like feel to me. I've never liked Windows and spent years trying to get away from it, so I certainly don't want a clone of it on my Linux system.

    I do feel pretty confident in saying that Gnome has more of what might be called "killer app" type things with Mozilla, Galeon, Evolution, the Gimp, etc. Of course, they work fine under any desktop, but if you use those apps and speed is a concern to you, you might want to consider Gnome so the GTK libraries will already be loaded. The converse is true if you use a lot of KDE apps and want to have the QT libraries already loaded.

    It's really just personal preference, and you'll pretty much have to make the choice yourself on that basis.
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    It's very hard to choose to be honest KDE or GNOME.

    I choose "KDE" .. cause I have access to the apllications, but run a much smaller Window Manager,such as Sawfish orBlackbox to save on memory.
    But maybe you should just just run something simple on the box,then launch kicker/gnome-panel in order to access the apps for the various suites.

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    I personally prefer KDE, simply because I'm more comfortable with the layout.

    Red Hat 8.0 has the new interface, though, which looks pretty nice, but I have yet to install it to one of my RH workstations to test it. I'll let you know when I have a chance to upgrade one of them to 8.0 and tell you what I think of the new interface.


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