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Thread: AntiOnline Downtime - October 5 - October 6

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    AntiOnline Downtime - October 5 - October 6

    Greetings All:

    Many of you may have noticed that the entire AntiOnline Network, including all E-mail, Websites, as well as IRC & Usenet Services were down for a couple of days over the weekend.

    One of our primary APC Battery Backup Units experienced a catastrophic failure (in other words, it blew up and caught fire). I was near the unit at the time, and got the living hell shocked out of me, and was taken up to the emergency room as a precaution. The doctors found a small heart rhythm abnormality, which was monitored via EKG for a couple of hours, at which time it returned to a normal rhythm on its own.

    The local police and fire departments responded to the scene, as did all other AntiOnline Staff Members. My thanks to all of them for their concern, and their amazingly fast response time!

    We brought our network back up today, which is running behind our secondary APC Battery Backup System. You may notice short, periodic downtime of services that are part of the AntiOnline network this week as we have electricians inspect our 220volt outlets.

    Thanks all, and sorry about the downtime!

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    First of all glad to hear that your ok JP

    and good job on getting AO back up and running so soon
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    Wow! Scarry stuff!
    Glad you're ok though!

    Wonder what APC's gonna say about that!?!

    (I hope our 2 tripplite SU3000RT3U don't blow up like that!)

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    that settles it, JP must be cloned!

    Glad you OK
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    wow, that sucks, JP... holy cow, thats scary... I've gotten shocked before, but never that bad! glad you're ok...

    PS, notice my new AV... I noticed this morning that i now have the option to have my own custom avatar... I appreciate it, guys.
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    haha, That sucks.... Was Brad or Steve hurt?

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    by: tedob1
    that settles it, JP must be cloned!

    MiniJP? ...Glad your doing better JP.
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    Well, Hope your okay guy, I've been shocked a few times like that myself. I used to be an electrician and 220 is really no fun. (Not to mention it'll blow a box off the wall without any breakers behind it) heh... Check on those breakers man, they should have tripped out... oh well, your alive, AO is alive, APC is getting a bill, no harm really done I guess.

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    Yeah glad your alright JP, hope all is well

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    Wow, really glad to hear that you're okay, definitely sounds like a horrible experience. It's great to have everything back up and running.

    Get some rest!!!

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