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    Okay, so I installed Winmx late last year and was way happy with it, I mean as far as file sharing goes, winmx was the easiest, most convenient way of finding files. So anyway, about a month ago, it decided to stop working. What I mean by this is, every time I clicked search it wouldn't search and I just had the word 'stopped' there. So, after getting well annoyed with it I decided to uninstall it so I could reinstall it.

    My problem is this. After re-downloading it I went to install it. I get to the part where it says choose the program directory or file or something and then I get this nasty little message.....

    'A required .DLL file, WS2_32.DLL, was not found'.

    Can someone please explain to me what this file is, how I can get it and why it isn't there?

    Thankyou heaps.


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    You might find this link helpful
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    So I went away for a while and then I came back and I've felt bad for ages about not saying thanks, so thankyou heaps!! I went to that site and tried all that stuff, but in the end it just got annoying and I got over it. Then, imesh decided to annoy me some more so I just typed in, WS2_32.DLL in the search bar and came up with someone who had the same problem as me. So I downloaded this thing w95ws2setup, and it makes a ws2 file, and now winmx is working right!!!

    So while I found the solution elsewhere, I still thankyou heaps for helping me.


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    If you are like I am and are lacking in the "technical skills" department, but at the same time, miss using WinMX, there is a quick, easy and free solution it is called MXPIE. There is no spyware or anything else bundled with it. For those a little more savvy and courageous, there is even a manual option.

    So come on back to WinMX, and download to your hearts content. Thanks to these updates, not even the power of the RIAA can stop a network.

    IF you have downloaded WinMX and still cannot connect, you can even get personalized realtime help. Just go to this link WinMX Channels Copy the Room name appropriate for your Language and paste it into your WinMX chat screen, then press the Join Button. This works on version 3.53 and up even if you are not connected. It allows you to join into chatrooms set up for you to get immediate help.

    Everything you need at the MXPIE Website Free and Spyware free.

    I have also found a site for Computer problem that is nice, prompt and VERY helpful. If there is a problem you need an answer to, they can help.

    Realtime help available for WinMX 3.53 users having trouble getting connected. Go to WinMX Channels.

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