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    Nice free messages boards here The lay out and color can be changed. There are pop up adds, but if you don't click out of it and just minimize it, there will be no more other pop ups.


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    Or you and your friends could hang out on AO, but whatever floats your boat...

    \"If you can\'t make it good, make it look good.\" - Bill Gates

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    Ahhh...You must have taken this post the wrong way. You think my boat is floating in some other direction when it's not. This is a section to post info, tools, and such to help one build their own web site, is it not? The link for the free message boards that I posted are for people to use at free will, if they'd like. For what ever genre (fan, liturature, art, etc. ) of site they are making. Whether people want to use it or not, it's up to them, but this post and the link is not at all meant to make people leave these boards.

    Hope that cleared stuff up.

    Take care


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    Uuuuhmmm. Do you want the best, free message board around? With no pop-ups. Try phpBB. Its definatly the best one out there.

    Greetz & Respect.

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    hey greenbird, the message board u suggested is no longer accepting any new signups.

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    If you click on sign up, The page will show up with a link to another site that they handle. Everything is essentially the same on the other web page except that the site just has a different name.

    These people periodically do this. When one server is full, they direct people to a new or different site.

    Take care


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    yeah, phpBB is the best freely available bulletin board today. With a lot of features and mods, this board beats even the top end paid Bulletin boards.
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    There was a new vuln released in phpBB today.... Don't upload your own avatar
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    PHPBB is great if you have the requirements. It's also a good way to get familiarized with PHP functions if you've never used it before. There are only a few free hosts out there now, and they're slow or have banners that mess with header functions within the code (which can be fixed).

    I think that's a nice free solution, especially for someone who doesn't want to take the time to learn the development side of things.

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    the best bulliten board today is phpbb.its just simple.just download the file from www.phpbb.com and unzip it and upload all the file to ur web site.just go on to the installing process and then ur in.now ur ready to rule ur BB.that is very good.NO PAIN NO GAIN. if u want no pain.better go for www.ezboard.com its a good BB provider.but with ads in it it can easily removed but paying them. but phpbb is free. its too good its the best...

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