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    It is a great book, giving not a biased opinion on the matter at all, but both sides of the story.
    Well, thats complete BS. The book is VERY biased. So is the movie. As a matter of fact, the reason the movie was not released in the US is that it was so biased, the recording company was afraid to release it. The way it was written, you would think Tsutomo was a god. I'll admit, he's good, but I don't give a **** that he was on a ski trip when his computer was broken into. And there is still no proof who broke into his computer. He is a media whore, just like Jonathan Markoff (the coauthor). If you want to see the other side of the story, read the book by Jonathan Litman. Just remember, no mater what you read, the story is never perfect.

    Yes, Mitnik was a social engineer. He had access to a program that would break into Tsutomo's machine in the way it was done. It was written buy a guy in Israel. But there is no proof that Mitnik is the one that did it. If you watch the capture logs from the books website, you will see that Mitnik didn't know what he was doing. Thats beside the point.

    The book was entertaining, but it was by no means unbiased.
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    I have read both of those books souleman and I have to say that the Litman book was much less biased.

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    Well, in the book, Tsutomo gave load's of credit to him and greatly respected his name. After all, he did write the book and I believe it is a pretty good book.

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    Thank you souleman,

    I was getting worried no one would say that about the book. For those of you who thought the book was good, youve been duped by two mediawhores, Tsotumo and Markoff. Littman's book, http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg...books&n=507846 was, to say the least, EXCEPTIONAL. PLEASE PLEASE, at the least read both of the books, and the make a decision.
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    i really loved the movie...cud not find the book though

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    Originally posted here by Tedob1
    read the book, loved it, and still thought the movie was pretty good!

    cookoo's egg is also good

    How did you see the movie "Takedown"? It was never released in the US, at least to the publc. I know the French version can be found, which I believe is called "Cybertr@que" or something.

    I have read the book and I completely agree with many others on the fact that it is VERY biased.

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