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Thread: Portable Computing?

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    Portable Computing?

    Is there something between a full-fledged laptop & a PDA? I'd like something that is smaller than a laptop, but runs/can run Linux/Windows/full OS. Mainly, is there something that is in between the $300 for a PDA and the $1700 for a good laptop?

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    Sony have two options. Either their really small and light 'lap top'. But because of its size it lacks the grunt of other laptops with only a 733 pentium something or other chip in it. Not sure about the other specs. its also damn expensive, about the same or more of other laptops with much better hardware. Its mainly selling point is size and it looks cool

    Song also has a minicomputer thats kinda like a laptop, but just bigger than a PDA. That might be able to run linux, but i doubt its specs would be impressive. Go to the sony page for more info www.sony.com

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    I use a Dell Insprion 2600
    best $999 I spent
    In fact I am using it now in my hotel room
    in Rochester NY...
    20 gig drive, 1.2 gig CPU, CD (now with RW - I should have waited!)

    This hotel has hi-speed access, Just remember to turn
    on the NIC firewall if using XP or use a good
    software Firewall of somesort....

    If really paranoid get a cheep linksys router and stick it
    inline with the ethernet cable....

    Yes I can say Dude!! I got a Dell!!
    Franklin Werren at www.bagpipes.net
    Yes I do play the Bagpipes!

    And learning to Play the Bugle

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